Urban Training, Audición en Danza. formación profesional en danza - Escuela de baile 180 Grados Madrid


Getting it is a matter of attitude!

Training Audition is a course designed for the year of transition where the dancer wants to start auditioning.

The Danza180º team firmly believes that we can help the dancer at this crucial moment. After a long academic studies, the future dancer needs the experience of being able to face the auditions, in which in addition to the technical class, they will ask for modern / contemporary choreography.

The training is composed of:

  • Technical ballet and contemporary classes to reinforce and keep moving forward. Advanced level.
  • Workshops and assembly of pieces to reinforce and discover contemporary languages ​​of companies.
  • Work advice and guidance to face the auditions stage.


150€ per month for 4 hours a day (approx).
From Monday to Friday from September.
Hours: from 9.30-13.30h (approx).