Scenic research workshop with Mercedes Pedroche

From next Monday 4 to Friday 8 February we will have Mercedes Pedroche with us. Her dance training goes through Madrid, New York, Rome and Vienna. Master in Theater Creation by the Carlos III University of Madrid. In her career as a creator and teacher she develops transdisciplinary scenic and pedagogical projects where dance and theater feed each other, understanding art as a tool for reflection and social transformation.


IN_OUT: Scenic research workshop through movement

We will use as a transversal vehicle the contemporary dance and the scenic practice to promote the creative and physical potential of our body connecting it with the theatricality and dramaturgy of the movement.

We will work with choreographic material that stimulates the natural dexterity of the body, the fluid transit through the different planes of the space and the singular appropriation of the material by the performer to facilitate the passage from the execution to the interpretation-creation.

At the same time, we will approach exercises of creation, improvisation and collective listening, facilitating the exploration of the genuine movement of each body, turning the diversity of views on a scenic event and sharing the plurality of creative manifestations.


Date: from Monday, February 4 to Friday, February 8
Hours: Monday to Thursday from 3 to 5pm and Friday from 9:30 to 11:30
Price: 65€

It is essential to reserve a place!

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