Raymond Naval - Danza 180 Grados





2014 Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”
2014 Oscar’s Promo
2013 Art4Life by Gina Starbuck
2013 Simon Fuller’s Supergroup Sizzle Reel 2012-2015 Paris By Night (108, 109, 112, 113) 2011-2015 Entity Dance Company, “Braxton vs. Oregon” 2012-2013 Glee Season 4, Episodes (1, 8, 12, 21)

2012 Two & A Half Men Season 10, Episode 13

2012 American Music Awards, PSY and MC Hammer

UC Irvine Faculty Dance Concerts:

2014 Dance Visions, Donald McKayle, “Even as the River and the Sea are one” 2013 Dance Visions, Donald McKayle, “Ancestral Flight”
2012 Dance Visions, Chad Michael Hall, “Slip Stream”

UC Irvine Graduate/Undergraduate Concerts and MFA Thesis:

2014 MFA Thesis, Ali McKeon, “Sway”
2014 MFA Thesis, Stefanie Maughan, “Illuminosity”
2014 Graduate Concert “New Slate,” Vincent Hardy, “The Call”
2013 Undergraduate Concert, Diana Schoenfield, “Ask Me Tomorrow” 2013 MFA Thesis, Will Johnston, “Splayed”
2013 MFA Thesis, Aska Sakuta, “Exhibit 1-6”


2015 BFA, University of California, Irvine, emphasis on Choreography Minor in Business Management

Ballet: Diane Diefenderfer, Molly Lynch, Tong Wang, Jodie Gates Modern: Donald McKayle, Loretta Livingston, Chad Michael Hall Jazz: Sheron Wray, Saleemah Knight

2013 Pulse On Tour Protégé
Brian Friedman, Tessandra Chavez, Tyce Diorio, Brooke Lipton, Dave Scott, Gil Duldulao, Laurie Ann Gibson



2013 St. Lucy Dance Team 2013 Diamond Bar Dance Team 2012-2014 Dellos Elite Group

UC Irvine:

2014 Physical Graffiti, “Unreleased” 2014 Barebones, “Unrequited”


2013-Present Entity Contemporary Dance workshops 2013 Jayvee Dance Center
2011-2014 Dellos Dance & Performing Arts

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