Workshop with Mercedes Pedroche

Next week we will have Mercedes Pedroche again with us.

She will give a workshop on contemporary dance, creation and scenic exploration, experimenting with various manifestations of the body, voice and movement. We will approach the investigation from the physical, preparing the body, mind and instinct to sniff the fissures where the creative act sneaks in. We will update our physical and creative potential by acting from what we are and from the context that surrounds us: real bodies on stage, being and being to recognize the engine that moves us, the instability that transforms us and the restlessness that drives us.

The class is articulated on the following practices:

– Warm-up that combines contemporary yoga and dance practices, preparing the body and increasing awareness about breathing and physical structure.

– Choreographic exercises and scores that stimulate the natural dexterity of the body, the fluid flow through the different planes of space and the genuine appropriation of the proposed material blurring the boundaries between the creator, the performer and the observer.

– Proposals and games of creation and composition, of collective listening and improvisations, turning the diversity of eyes on a scenic event.

– Space for personal creation, promoting dialogue, collective experience and sharing the plurality of creative manifestations.


March 2 to 6
Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 5pm
Friday from 9.30-11.30h


It is essential to reserve a place.
Limited places!

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